01 July 2011

Sarah Jarosz in Britain, 14-24 July 2011

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Jarosz from Texas, a fast-rising star on the US scene while still in her teens, begins her first ever tour of the UK in two weeks' time. In March she took part in the Transatlantic Sessions in Britain, followed by press showcases and interviews. In May Sugar Hill Records released her second album, Follow me down, which has been very well received in the UK music press.

From 14 to 24 July she will be playing nine dates in Scotland and England, accompanied by Alex Hargreaves (fiddle), Nathaniel Smith (cello), and her own banjo, mandolin, octave mandolin, and guitar. In late August she will return to Europe, performing at the T√łnder Festival (25-8 Aug.) in Denmark.

Venue locations and online ticket purchase facilities can be reached through Sarah Jarosz's website. More UK tour details, images, press comment, and links to venues can be seen here. A feature by Richard F Thompson on the UK tour appeared yesterday on the original Bluegrass Blog.

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