22 July 2011

'Farther along...' - the Road in Kerry

More news of Ferguson, Holmes, & Henry on tour, from Colin Henry:

Another great arts theatre gig at the Carnegie Arts Centre in Kenmare, Co. Kerry; not quite as big as its American namesake but a good spot to play nonetheless. I had to do our sound as the sound man was not available but, even though I say so myself, it was a pretty good result - maybe I can take up a new career behind the faders! (I think I said that last year as well!)

The weather finally realised it was summer and we had a lovely sunny evening in Kenmare, a lively busy town with plenty of music going on. Our set has now bedded in and we have the performance well oiled and smooth. It's always fun when you get to that stage; you can relax just enough to let the music breathe. On next to Foyle's Hotel in Clifden, Co. Galway.

I should also mention that Janet managed to purchase a new 'country' hat (see picture) which will make its Northern Ireland debut at the bluegrass opening evening for the Cairncastle Ulster Scots Folk Festival on Wednesday 27 July.*

* see the BIB for 11 July.

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