05 June 2011

Viper Central at the Red Room

Thanks again to Arnie and Sharon Loughrin, presenters of house concerts at the Red Room, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, where they put on Viper Central from Canada on 1 June. We had earlier met them at the Seamus Ennis Centre for the Wilders concert on 28 May. Sharon writes:

That was a fantastic concert; we saw the Wilders three times that week, and each show was different and equally brilliant.

I'm sending you a link to Viper Central and also a wee photo [above] I hope you'll enjoy. Tyler Rudolph from Viper Central must be the most laid-back banjo player the Red Room has had the pleasure to host. Musically they were a fantastic group, but also five of the loveliest people we've had here. I'm pretty sure they'll return to Ireland, and they're very worthwhile going to hear.

More videos are on YouTube, and photos on the Red Room Facebook page if you'd like to see them.


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