15 June 2011

Clonmel World Music: shows in July-Nov. 2011

We're specially grateful to Gerry Lawless of Clonmel World Music for the following good news:

See below for the remaining Clonmel World Music gigs for 2011. We have also just confirmed our first band for 2012!

We have had fantastic support from people in the area for our gigs. We have sold out all gigs so far, which enables us to go after really good-quality bands to play in Clonmel.

We also have people traveling from Cork, Kilkenny, and Waterford to our gigs, and we even have people coming to the next gig from Co. Tyrone (our furthest travellers so far!)

The TMJB gig is Sold Out (our fastest selling gig), and we are ambitiously putting on two Po' Girl gigs in September.

I would like to point out that the reason the TMJB is coming to Ireland is down to the notice in the BIB on 28 January. I chased them up on foot of the BIB post which stated they were after gigs in Europe, and after extensive negotiations we secured a gig in Clonmel.

They decided to tour in Ireland instead of Scotland as a result! Chris Keenan then kindly helped arrange the other Irish gigs to make a tour viable for the band.

The moral of the story - A post in the BIB really works, and helps bring great quality bands to Ireland!!!

Clonmel World Music remaining 2011 gigs:

Wed. 20 July: Tennessee Mafia Jug Band (featuring Leroy Troy) SOLD OUT

Wed. & Thurs. 7-8 Sept.: Po' Girl (Canada)

Wed. 2 Nov.: Eilen Jewell (Boston)

The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band on the Grand Ole Opry stage, with WSM announcer Eddie Stubbs and Marty Stuart

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