03 June 2011

Audie Blaylock & Redline: I'm going back to old Kentucky

The BIB normally leaves major news of bluegrass outside this country to our distinguished contemporaries whose headlines appear in the right-hand column - not forgetting the European Bluegrass Blog. However, we now exercise editorial prerogative to mention the latest CD by Audie Blaylock & Redline for two reasons: (a) this is the Bill Monroe centennial year, and the album is I'm going back to old Kentucky: a Bill Monroe celebration, and (b) AB&R are high up among your editor's favourite bands whatever year it may be.

The album was released last month, and full details (including the roster of A-list guest artists) are on the band's website. Irish festival-goers will note the band's regular fiddler, Patrick McAvinue, who has played at Athy as a member of Tom Mindte's Patuxent Partners.

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