02 May 2011

Workshop and session at Westport festival

In response to Paul, who sent in a question about the workshop and session scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday 25 June in the 5th Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival, Uri Kohen reports:

The workshop will be conducted by Tim Rogers [seen above with banjo as leader of the Clew Bay Critters old-time string band]. Last year it was about old-time fiddle playing and I'm sure it will be around the same lines this year as well; he might be joined by other musicians this year.

The big bluegrass session will invite all the musicians of the festival to take part in one big afternoon session; we will also invite all bluegrass fans to bring their instruments and join in. It is hard to say now which of the musicians will take part, but I'm sure it will be a big session.

More news about the festival will follow soon.

BIB editor's note: though Tim Rogers is best known in Ireland for playing old-time music, his first appearances on stage here were as mandolinist in a bluegrass trio; so he should be well able to field bluegrass questions at the workshop. OK, Tim?

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At 12:05 am, Blogger Tim said...

No problem Richard..... I'm way better at talkin about bluegrass than I am at playing it :-) and to Paul ( of the aforementioned request) : if there's anything you'd like covered at a workshop. Let me know and I'll see if u can be of any use.


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