26 May 2011

The Wilders: on the road, on stage, and on YouTube in Ireland

Thanks to Sharon Loughrin, chatelaine of the Red Room at Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, who sends this evocative shot of the Wilders (USA) in action, and more:

I'm sending you a link to a video of our house concert last night; hope you enjoy it. We had our largest crowd yet and everyone had a fantastic night. We waved the group off this morning, fortified with a good old Ulster fry (our own duck eggs included), so they'll be well fit for tonight's gig in Letterkenny (or maybe not fit to move!)

We've set up a Facebook page called 'The Red Room Cookstown' which anyone interested can go to (as long as they're on fb). This will give news of upcoming gigs and also has photos and videos of previous concerts.

More photos of the Wilders' are on the Red Room Facebook page - and yes, the walls in the photo are green: the Red Room was too small, and the show moved to the Green Room instead!

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