26 May 2011

Michael Miles at Naul, Fri. 27 May

We draw attention again to the fact that Michael J. Miles (USA) will be playing in concert at the Seamus Ennis Cultural Centre in Naul, Co. Dublin, on Friday 27 May; and we do so because anyone interested in the banjo as an instrument of music deserves to hear one of the most remarkable artists of the banjo alive today.

Michael Miles plays the 5-string banjo, using essentially the oldest and most basic right-hand banjo technique to make some of the most complex and sensitive music that has been heard from the instrument. And he plays guitar and sings; and he will be giving workshops in both instruments at the Centre the following (Saturday) afternoon.

Yes, we know the Wilders are due to play at Naul on Saturday night. You owe it to yourself to be there both nights!

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