04 May 2011

Hands up for a bluegrass package trip to Kentucky!

No, the article shown above doesn't come as part of the package; but even without it, the idea of a bluegrass package trip to Kentucky in 2011, the centenary of Bill Monroe's birth, has to be an exciting one for any bluegrass enthusiast. So we're grateful to Brian Ingarfield, of the award-winning Tour America agency in Dublin, for opening up some unique possibilities for us.

Brian has recently made an educational trip to Kentucky which included visiting Bill Monroe's homeplace in Rosine, KY, and the International Bluegrass Music Museum (IBMM) in Owensboro, about thirty miles north of Rosine, on the Ohio river. As a result, he would be keen to know how active an interest there would be in Ireland for these possible package trips:

* to the IBMM's Bill Monroe Centennial Celebration festival (12-14 Sept. 2011)

* to the IBMM's River Of Music Party (ROMP) festival (23-25 June 2011)

* to any other major US festival you'd like to suggest.

Such 'extras' as visits to the Bluegrass Barn at Rosine, to bourbon distilleries, or even to Appalachian villages for the music, could be included in an itinerary. You can contact Brian direct at Tour America by e-mail.

See more of this year's celebrations in which Rosine and Owensboro play host to the whole bluegrass world, here.

PS: For some valuable suggestions just received from a Kentuckian, see Keila's comment on this post.

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At 4:40 pm, Blogger Keila said...

Being a Kentuckian, I am not so much interested in a trip here :) But I would like to suggest a few things. Rudy Fest in Grayson,KY (my hometown) is Jun. 23-26. It's not the biggest festival, but it definately has a great atmosphere. Also there is Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival the third weekend in September. And you definately have to tour at least one Bourbon distillery and don't forget The Horse Park in Lexington. It is absolutely amazing.



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