17 May 2011

Bending the Strings guitarist Vinny Baker on 103FMs 'Life & times'

We regret having got back to the editorial chair too late to give BIB readers advance news of the first of the two programmes mentioned in this report from Bending the Strings:

Midlands 103FM is broadcasting a programme for the next two Saturdays [i.e. 14 and 21 May] at 6.00 p.m. which is part of the 'Life & times' series, on Mullingar guitarist/songwriter Vinny Baker, who is also guitarist with Midlands-based bluegrass trio Bending the Strings. In the programme, Vinny talks to presenter Albert Fitzgerald about his induction into the world of music; his life in the many showbands he has played with; his introduction to bluegrass music many years ago with fiddler George Kaye; and the band of which he is now so proud, Bending the Strings, who also feature 5-string banjo wizard Martin Cooney and keys and bass player supreme Moyra Fraser and play their own particular brand of bluegrass music.

The programme also goes into many personal aspects of life as well as his music and Vinny talks about his family and friends and his life in his recording Studio, VeeBee Studio in Mullingar, and plays a wide range of his own guitar music including his composition with Bending the Strings, 'All keyed up' (which recently won Best Bluegrass Album at the Leinster Entertainment Awards) and many original guitar instrumentals in a range of styles from bluegrass to blues to jazz.

The programme will be of interest to the friends and followers of Vinny's music and Bending the Strings and is aired this coming Saturday [14 May] and the following week will cover part 2 of the programme and goes out on Saturday 21 May; both programmes go out just after the 6.00 p.m. news.

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