07 April 2011

Who's who in European bluegrass

On 3 April we posted news about the new Facebook pages of the European Bluegrass Music Association and Bluegrass Europe, the official magazine of the EBMA.

The BIB and its editor are not on Facebook, and unlikely to be there in the near future; but we have to say that both the EBMA and BE Facebook pages are already, in their first few days, proving to be very valuable sources of up-to-the-minute bluegrass news, photos, and contacts. Not just about the European scene: we notice news from US bands beginning to appear. However, both of them are clearly meant for information about the scene in Europe, and especially for the new initiatives coming out of the EBMA.

One striking new development is Bluegrass Europe's online 'Who's who in European bluegrass' project. The first important step already taken is the setting up of a Who-is-Who: European Bluegrass • Groups Facebook page, which already has photos and links to fifteen prominent bands, some of whom are well known to Irish audiences - including one prestigious Irish band...

Your band, or your choice of another organisation or artist, can be listed in Bluegrass Europe's 'Who's who in European bluegrass' by following the clear and comprehensive procedure set out on this Facebook page.

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