05 April 2011

Minnie and the Illywhackers in Dublin, 13 May 2011

Thanks to Gerry Fitzpatrick for this news, which will help those readers who have been frustrated by following a out-of-date BIB calendar entry to the Ha'penny Bridge Inn in Dublin:

The Sick & Indigent Song Club are not performing at present. We have taken a break while developing a few other projects. e.g....

Minnie and the Illywhackers - features the vocal talents and ukulele playing of former Sick & Indigent singer and writer Angie McLaughlin. Drawing on the musical skills of Christian Volkman (bass) and Shane McGrath (guitar, mandolin), Sheila Sullivan (fiddle), Carl O'Byrne (cornet, trumpet) and Gerry Fitzpatrick (guitar, resophonic guitar, accordion), the Illywhackers recreate a 'supper club' atmosphere, playing original ukulele swing and a variety of music from the early and mid twentieth century.

Minnie and the Illywhackers can be seen at Bewley's Cafe, Dublin, on Friday 13 May at 8.30 p.m.

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