27 April 2011

4 Wheel Drive in England, 29 Mar.-2 Apr. 2011

4WD catching the sun at Glastonbury (where Jan had his aura checked)

Thanks to Jan Michielsen of 4 Wheel Drive (D/NL/B) for news of the band's tour in England a month ago. Shortly before it was due to start, the regular 4WD banjo-player J├╝rgen Biller was obliged to remain at home for family health reasons, and Matthias Malcher (on the left in the above photo) stepped in to fill the gap.

Matthias takes a break at Leeds Bluegrass Club on 31 Mar. (show organised by Kevin Garrett)

On Friday 1 April 4WD played a joint concert with the Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys (UK) in the Arts Centre at Wellington, Somerset. The show was sold out, and Jan reports:

This was a wonderful and extremely successful concert. A 'Night of the Cow' experience! Good crowd including the mayor and his wife, beneficial raffle with prizes from Belgium, Germany, and Holland, and a great atmosphere. The Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys are local heroes and rightfully so. We enjoyed this one a lot... Thanks to Eugene O'Brien [of the Belgian band Sons of Navarone] for getting us to the right persons.

Jan also includes this link to the latest work from Cheap Aldi Camera Productions with footage and stills from the tour, and (as a bonus) the 'Comedy Capers' short we mentioned on 17 April is appended to it.

The band recalibrate their vibrations at Woodhenge

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