28 March 2011

Clem O'Brien leaves the Niall Toner Band

After nine years, Clem O'Brien as from today is no longer a member of the Niall Toner Band. We understand that Clem has taken the decision for personal reasons, and that his parting with the band has been on friendly terms. Clem adds:

My exit will be immediate and the NTB will be replacing me on upcoming engagements. I wish Dick and Niall the very best with the band for the future.



At 8:06 pm, Blogger Richard said...

The Flint Hill Boys, The Clem O'Brien Band and The NTB. For the past 18 years or so I have been priveleged to be part of these bands with my friend Clem O'Brien. Life, however is all about change and Clem has decided to make some changes now.I treasure the times on the road together and all the things I learned from such a consummate musician. Clem, Niall and I remain firm friends and I am sure somewhere down the line I'll stand behind him on stage and hear that 'high lonesome tenor' ring out. I look forward to that. All the best in everything you do, Clem.

Dick Gladney


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