28 September 2009

Ulster pickers at first Moniaive Bluegrass Festival, Sept. 2009

Colin Henry reports:

I thought I would send a few words about the first ever Moniaive Bluegrass Festival in Scotland which was held this past weekend. It was a resounding success. The two bands from Northern Ireland attending were Janet accompanied by myself along with Ivan and Wilson from the Broken String band [photo above], and the full Broken String Band itself.

There were a number of Scottish performers and one from Germany, I think. All the bands were excellent. The headliners were Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa from the USA. I have to say that of the many bands I have heard this past summer they have been the highlight. They perform a lot of original material but within the bluegrass tradition and as a consequence the band has a very fresh sound. The members are all top-notch players. I got a chance to pick some tunes with Dave Giegerich their dobro player, and he is a mighty player.

The organisation of the festival by Hugh Taylor and Paul Lyttle, not to mention Paul's wife Anja, was flawless. We were all treated with the utmost kindness and hospitality. The village of Moniaive and the surrounding area was beautiful. I know that we are all hoping that we will be invited back.

Update 30 Sept. BIB editor's note: L.Bow Grease, the band from Germany that Colin mentions, has in the past had the renowned George Kaye playing with them.

A satisfied guest; more photos are here.

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At 9:39 pm, Blogger C. Paul Lyttle said...

On behalf of the Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival Committee may I say it was a great experience to run a first festival. The international line up of musicians was superb and we eagerly await 2010.

Keep pickin',

Paul Lyttle


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