18 September 2009

Bluegrass in a conflict zone

Anyone hearing news of last night's violence in Lurgan, Co. Armagh, is likely to have thought of Mel Corry and Sean McKerr, stalwarts of the local bluegrass community. We're glad to be able to publish their personal accounts, which embody the spirit that has made bluegrass music what it is. Sean reports:

Big session in Corner House Bar, Lurgan, tonight, 9.00 p.m. till late, as part of the Tony Lavery Fleadh; all musicians (no bodhrans) welcome. Mel managed to take a photo of me last night on our way to a great night with John Mitchell and friends in Dundrum, Co. Down.

We hope this photo will not deter visiting musicians. Although they burned our van out, the hi-jackers were very courteous and let us keep our instruments.

Over to Mel:

Sean and I were on our way to a gig when we were assailed by a gang of brigands; we fought bravely, Sean managed to retrieve his mandolin, and while I was trying to fight off the assailants he managed to get a passer-by to take this photo.

As you can see we lost the van; unfortunately the banjo didn't make it. Bluegrass in a conflict zone - you have no idea!

BIB editor's note: Having been trained as a historian to compare accounts, I have assumed that the event may not have been as serious as some readers understandably suppose. If I'm wrong, no one will be sorrier than I am, except of course Sean and Mel.

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At 6:11 pm, Blogger kate said...

what are you an mel like.... scaring the carp outta the bluegrass fans, and of course harold junst....

rofl..............seans sister kate


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