02 October 2005

Using the Bluegrass Ireland Blog

The front page of the BIB shows about two weeks of posts. A post older than that automatically moves to the archive; so if you've already used the BIB and can't find a post that you saw before, check the links to the archive sections or use the search slot at the top left-hand corner of the blog, between the Blogger symbol and the 'g+1' link (though from experience we find that this facility is not completely reliable).

Click on any photo to see an enlarged version. Click on the label at the end of a post to see all posts that have a similar label. To comment on any post, click on the 'Comments' symbol at the end of it. Comments are moderated by the editor before publication, so your comment won't appear at once. If your comment is made on a post that is already several years old, no one is likely to be aware of it except the editor; and if you want to communicate with him, it's better to send him an e-mail instead.

The most important feature is the calendar, which is frequently updated. To reach it, use one of the links to the right of this. To send in news for the calendar - or for any other reason - contact the editor.

For UK news, use the link to the BBMA website; for news from all over Europe, the European Bluegrass Music Association Facebook; and for the hottest news from the Mother Country, Bluegrass Today (formerly the original Bluegrass Blog) and the Prescription Bluegrass Blog. In general, US and UK news is posted on the Bluegrass Ireland Blog only in exceptional circumstances.



At 5:26 am, Blogger Juan said...

Hi Richard, if you're looking to listen to Blugrass radios, feel free to check out Streema's directory: http://www.streema.com/radios/bluegrass

You'll be able to tune in to AM, FM, and web radio stations such as 181.fm Front Porch, Bluegrass Mix and RadioIO Bluegrass. Hope you find it useful!s

At 9:54 pm, Blogger michael said...

this is michael berly of The Old Yellers, we are touring again in Ireland from the 10th of sept to the 20th of september and hope you can post a wee note on your site for us about that. our dates are below and a link to our myspace website is as well. hope to see you again. all the best. michael berly


sept 10 w/ Al O'Donnell in Greystones the living room sessions
sept 11 Kilkenny at Ryan's
sept 12 Lynhams of Laragh
sept 13 The Bridge in Wicklow
sept 17 The Cobblestone in Dublin
sept 18 The Crane Bar in Galway
sept 19 The Golden Ball near Dublin

Anyway, thanks again, you gave us a nice mention last time and we sure did appreciate it.
all the best

At 3:26 am, Blogger Paul said...

Hi Richard,

Just stumbled onto your blog and I plan to visit often. I run a banjo-centric blog in the states (see address in signature) and it's always fun to connect with bluegrassers "across the pond". Keep up the good work and maybe say hi on my blog sometime.

Banjo Paul
"Wunse, I coodn't even spel bango pikker...now I are one!"
www.banjosrule.com (main site)
www.mybanjolife.com (blog)


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