03 November 2022

Halloween Special jam in Rathmines, 30 Oct. 2022

Thanks again to Patrick Simpson of the Bluestack Mountain Boys / Dublin Bluegrass Collective , who reports on last weekend's Halloween Special edition of the weekly Dublin bluegrass jam at Mother Reilly's, 32 Rathmines Rd Upper, Dublin 6:

It was another great night for Dublin bluegrass, and I'd like to thank all who came out in support. The music was fantastic and the craic was mighty! Mother Reilly's was very nice to have contributed a cake, which was enjoyed, Very thoughtful of them. We didn't raise any money, but I appreciated the cards and gifts I got for my birthday, and I thank those who came out to the session. It really is a great jam and indeed a great spot for bluegrass music in Dublin. You're welcome to join us there anytime. We pick every Sunday from 7.00 p.m.-11.00 and are open to new musicians who would like to join us.

Top, the jam in full swing; above right, the entry of the Cake; below, scanty remains of a feast
© Richard Hawkins

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