10 October 2022

Second String Band Summit in Tennessee, 10-12 Feb. 2023

The IBMA Foundation announces the holding of the second annual String Band Summit on 10-12 Feb. 2023 at East Tennessee State University, aimed at bringing together 'musicians, teachers and scholars engaged in string band music across the Americas to explore string band traditions, histories, practices, instruments and pedagogy, seeking to foster collaboration and understanding'.

A selection committee will select proposals of three kinds: (1) scholarly presentations, each twenty minutes long + ten minutes for questions and discussion; (2) teaching presentations or workshops, each thirty to sixty minutes long + fifteen minutes for questions and discussion; (3) organised 'roundtables', each with a panel of three or four members + a moderator, for discussions. Proposals for any of these events should be sent in by 30 October, using the form given in a link on the Foundation newsletter. NB: the link is to a copy of last year's form, in which the deadline was 15 Oct. 2021.

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