01 March 2022

Interactive old-time sessions map of Britain and Ireland under way

The FOAOTMAD news blog announces:

In a new project between FOAOTMAD and Old-Time Music Cornwall Paul Bennett has taken on the task of not only updating the list of old-time sessions but creating an interactive map of the locations. You may be aware that a world map of sessions exists and is linked to our sessions page, but it is prone to being out of date and cumbersome. Paul’s new map will cover the UK and will be regularly updated. So if your session is starting up again, finished completely, or moved, then let Paul know by e-mailing him at mailout1@foaotmad.org.uk. Paul will also try to contact organisers over the next month or so to ensure he has all the details.

You can see how the map looks and works here: foaotmad.weebly.com/session-map.html.

Instructions for adding or deleting a session, or suggesting other changes in the map, are given on the FOAOTMAD map page. NB: although FOAOTMAD says above that the map 'will cover the UK', in fact it covers Britain and Ireland.

The BIB found it impossible to copy the photo that appears on the map page, so the photo above, copied from the Pickin' Lunchtime Facebook page, shows a session at Reading in Berkshire, southern England.

© Richard Hawkins

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