02 February 2022

'Bed of snow' from Chris Jones & the Night Drivers

Chris Jones & the Night Drivers (right), who have had one-and-a-half tours in Ireland in 2018 and '19 (the 2018 tour was halved by snowfall) have had a video single released by the Mountain Home Music Company from their current album Make each second last.

The song, 'Bed of snow', co-written by Chris with Thomm Jutz, is about the hope that lies under the snow (which in northern Alberta, where Chris lives, is a fact of life for half the year), a metaphor for recovery after the pandemic. More details are on Bluegrass Today, where you can see the video (also on YouTube). The informal photo above shows (l-r) Chris, Marshall Wilborn, Grace van 't Hof, and Mark Stoffel.

© Richard Hawkins

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