04 January 2022

Red Smiley, 1924-1972

The BIB editor apologises:

The BIB did not spend the holiday period in preparing for the New Year, so we have already missed an opportunity of commemorating one of the great figures of the first quarter-century of bluegrass music: Arthur Lee 'Red' Smiley, the fiftieth anniversary of whose death fell on last Sunday (2 Jan.). He and his musical partner, the multi-instrumentalist, singer, and banjo legend Don Reno, were inducted together into the Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor (as it was then known) in 1992, the second year of inductions. BIB readers who are not already familiar with Red's career are referred to Fred Bartenstein's biographical essay on the Hall's website.

Readers should also see Sunday's post commemorating Red on the mygrassisblue.com Facebook, a great source for the births, deaths, and other milestones in the lives and careers of the stars of bluegrass and country music.

© Richard Hawkins

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