06 October 2021

The Sackville String Band c.1985 on video

The BIB editor writes:

Many thanks to Liam Kennedy of the Acoustic Kitchen Dublin, and to Derek Copley, for these fine professionally-shot videos of two configurations of the Sackville String Band c.1985. In both, Liam is on mandolin, Jimmy Kelly on 5-string banjo, and Bill Whelan (who has since been doyen of the old-time music scene in Ireland for decades) on upright bass.

'Mail bag blues' (above) was shot during a TV appearance by the Sackvilles. I am guessing that it is the earlier of the two videos, because Colin Beggan is on guitar and lead vocals, the position he held in the Mk II, Mk III, and Mk IV Sackville lineups. Paul Kelly is on fiddle.

In 'Low and lonely' (below) Liam is on lead vocals and Tommy Feeney on guitar and harmony vocals. The 'gangster/ speakeasy' backgrounds were Dublin dockland and Casper & Gambini's restaurant, then on Wicklow St.

© Richard Hawkins

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At 11:12 am, Blogger Denis McCarthy said...

Great to see footage of the SSB. Isn't the second video a little anachronistic? Bluegrass bands would have been rarer than hen's teeth in the 20's, and I don't think they would have worn those suits and hats, and there aren't very many reports of them carrying machine guns.
Whatever became of Jimmy Kelly? Other than yourself, he must have been one of the first bluegrass banjo players in Ireland.


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