29 July 2021

Tony Trischka on Deering Live TONIGHT (29 July)

The Deering Banjo Company announce that the featured artist on Deering Live tonight will be Tony Trischka, outstanding as banjo performer, composer, mentor, and communicator, as well as being a Deering artist. Deering announce (links added by BIB): 'In this episode, we delve deep into Tony's current album, Shall we hope. We will also talk about the ArtistWorks platform and how it can help you become a better banjo player.' The interview can be watched live on YouTube at 11.00 p.m. Irish time.

Shall we hope was reviewed on Bluegrass Today last month by Tabitha Agnew Benedict (see the BIB for 9 June).

Deering also feature their range of banjo heads, which now includes a Skin Tone head in 11" size, giving a sound intermediate between Fiberskyn and Renaissance, at $50.

© Richard Hawkins

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