18 June 2021

Two minor notes on Westport 2021

The BIB editor writes:

This year's Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival began a week ago today. Among everything there was to enjoy, the BIB congratulates in particular the Festival organising team and the Town Hall Theatre at Westport for the quality of sound, lighting, and camera work. A prominent role was played by the Festival's own 'Edwina' model microphone, made by Ear Trumpet Labs and bought in 2019, as Uri Kohen, the Festival's director, has described on Facebook.

One happy slip of the tongue came at the end of Saturday night's concert. C.J. Lewandowski, mandolin player and spokesperson of the Po' Ramblin' Boys (USA), expressed their thanks to the Festival and its director, whom he named at first as 'Uri Geller'. In view of Uri Kohen's other achievements, it wouldn't be surprising if he could bend spoons as well.

© Richard Hawkins

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