05 June 2021

Mules & Men release A tribute to Johnnie Whisnant

More good news from Mules & Men, who send this press release:

Mules & Men, the Dublin-based bluegrass band, have just released a new record, and this one is a minor detour from what we've heard so far. Titled A tribute to Johnnie Whisnant (and other bluegrass legends), the band have recorded this with a traditional sentiment as a nod to masters of the past.

This deviates considerably from their debut album, Thinking sideways, and follow-up Roscommon County Line, which mostly contain self-penned songs and tunes and feature a progressive, experimental approach.

Songs from Buzz Busby, Joe Val, Benny & Vallie Cain, and plenty others have made the cut on this comprehensive 20-track record. But it's not all cover songs either. Several new compositions have been featured such as 'New girl', 'On my hunkers', and 'M50 Breakdown'. These sit just as easily alongside the old standards as in a modern-day jam setting.

Featuring the usual quartet of Luke Coffey (banjo), Lily Sheehan (guitar), Paddy Cummins (mandolin), and Niall Hughes (bass, guitar), they are joined for a guest appearance by Danielle Titley of the French Jack Danielle's String Band.

Mules & Men are looking forward to getting back to gigging as society slowly opens up again and they will be playing at Dunmore East Bluegrass Festival on 28 and 29 August. As always, they are available for all kinds of bookings: concerts, festivals, weddings, golf tours, swimming galas, gender reveal parties... you get the idea.

A tribute to Johnnie Whisnant (and other bluegrass legends) is available now on all major digital distribution platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

A Patrick Cummins-penned song, 'On my hunkers', has been released with an accompanying music video alongside the album release.

The original cover of Rebel R-SLP-1484 (1969): (l-r) Paul Cain (bass), Benny Cain (mandolin), Johnnie Whisnant (banjo), Vallie Cain (guitar)


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