21 June 2021

Memories, and more

The BIB editor writes:

BIB readers are aware that in the first months of this year the bluegrass and old-time music scenes in this island lost two of their most outstanding and irreplaceable members: Mel Corry (56) of Lurgan, Co. Armagh, who died of Covid-19 on 13 January; and George 'Geordie' McAdam (82) of Bangor, Co. Down, who died of cancer on 28 February. For the further material presented here, I am very grateful to two fine musicians who were for many years close friends and musical partners, respectively, of Mel and Geordie.

Thanks to Sean McKerr for this evocative photo of Mel (above). To the tributes to Mel noted or posted on the BIB in January, Micheal McKenna's article 'Shock and sadness at passing of tireless trade unionist and talented musician Mel Corry', posted on the Armaghi website the day after Mel's death, can be added.

Thanks to Wilson Davies for a copy of Julie Waters' full-page article 'Geordie McAdam, the local man who lived for his music', published on Thursday 18 March on page 22 of the Newtownards Chronicle & Co. Down Observer. This contains more factual detail about Geordie's life than any other printed source I have yet seen, together with a stunning photo of him in youth, with shades, biker jacket, and quiff.

That photo, unfortunately, is not in the Chronicle archive; but the recent main photo accompanying the article, showing Geordie with a ukulele he had built, can be seen, and a copy bought, here and here. I wish the whole article could be read on line; but copies of the paper may be obtainable by applying to the Chronicle editor at editor@ardschronicle.co.uk.

© Richard Hawkins

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