09 June 2021

Chris Thile interviewed on BGS - and more

The BIB posted news two days ago of Chris Thile, chosen as Artist of the Month for June by the Bluegrass Situation (BGS) online magazine, and the BGS feature about his latest Nonesuch album, Laysongs. The BGS has since added an interview with Thile by Dacey Orr Sivewright in two parts, 'Chris Thile considers his community and Christian upbringing in "Laysongs"' and 'For Chris Thile, instrumental music excels in the cracks of language'. Both parts include videos of songs from the album, and photos by Josh Goleman.
The BGS also published last week a feature by Jonny Therrien, 'In a hypnotic video, Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrissi add life to 'O Death"'. The video can also be seen on YouTube. A recording by Bessie Jones from the Georgia Sea Islands (an example can be heard here) prompted the way Giddens sings 'O Death'; the visual aspect of the video is a 'crankie roll', a continual stream of images painted by Maeve Clancy. BIB readers may have seen 'crankies' as part of performances by Anna (Roberts-Gevalt) & Elizabeth (LaPrelle).

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