02 June 2021

César Benzoni - how to sing harmony in bluegrass and country music (update)

Thanks to César Benzoni (left; see the BIB for 6 Apr. and 21 Apr.), who sends this news from Galway:

I'm putting a series of videos on my YouTube channel on how to sing harmonies, and I'm trying to find a sweet spot in being bluegrass but also country music, to get a wider range of people.

This is number one, and this is the full performance of the song mentioned in the lesson ['I don't believe you've met my baby', as sung by the Louvin Brothers].

BIB editor's note: César's first video, twelve minutes long, deals with the fundamentals of harmony, and demonstrates duet singing with 'I don't believe you've met my baby' and 'When I stop dreaming', ending with an opportunity for the viewer to sing both parts of the first of these.

His skill as a video editor makes it possible to show him accompanying himself, and this is taken a stage further in the shorter second video, where two Césars perform the duet with guitar and mandolin. The following videos on trio and quartet harmony should be equally well worth watching.

Update 8 June: César has now added the third video in the series, on three-part harmony, to his YouTube channel. Eight minutes long, it can be seen here. The song 'Cool water' is used for examples.

© Richard Hawkins

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