14 June 2021

'Black Rock City' by Jesse Brock

Since late last year the BIB has been reporting on releases on the Sound Biscuit label by mandolin maestro Jesse Brock (who is now a member of Fast Track) from his forthcoming album. More details are on his own website.

Sound Biscuit now announce a new single by Jesse of the Mark Brinkman and Aaron Bibelhauser song 'Black Rock City' - a title that will resonate with residents of Dublin, Cork, and Kilkenny. The release was last Friday (11 June). Following Jesse's aim of having top-flight musicians on the project, those taking part include Greg Blake (guitar), Russ Carson (banjo), Josh Swift (dobro), and Barry Reed (bass), with Jason Carter singing baritone. More detail is on the Sound Biscuit press release. The recording can be heard on YouTube.

© Richard Hawkins

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