06 May 2021

Southern Grass at Omagh 2008

Following on yesterday's post relating to Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass, thanks to Des Butler for these fine photos of the band during their powerful performances at the 2008 Omagh bluegrass festival. Bobby Lundy can be seen playing banjo; in Michael Berick's interview in the Bluegrass Situation, Paisley describes how Lundy retired from the band for a period, and returned to it as bass player because that was what was needed. Danny is quoted as saying:

I call him my utility man of bluegrass, like he could play any position on a baseball team — he’s that talented. Because he has known me for so long, he knows what I am going to do on a guitar. He knows what I am going to do singing. He can walk me right into the singing with his bass...
© Richard Hawkins

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