06 May 2021

Reviews and instruction from the Benedicts

The BIB mentioned on St Valentine's day that Tabitha (Agnew) Benedict of Co. Armagh, well known on the bluegrass scene here as banjo player, guitarist, and singer of Cup O' Joe, Midnight Skyracer, and the Foreign Landers, had become an accredited reviewer for Bluegrass Today.

Her latest contribution to Bluegrass Today is a substantial, meticulous, informative review of the new album Back to the Ozarks by the 17-year-old Lillyanne McCool, an award-winning old-time banjo player who also picks bluegrass. The new album can be sampled from a player embodied in the review as well as on Apple Music.

Meanwhile Tabitha's husband David Benedict gives video mandolin lessons on the YouTube channel of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine. The latest, on getting the right-hand feel for putting swing into a tune, is eleven minutes long and can be watched here.

© Richard Hawkins

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