09 May 2021

Ken Perlman's final two banjo clinics before Sept. 2021 (UPDATE)

Ken Perlman (USA), master of 'melodic clawhammer' banjo, sends a reminder of the last two of this season of online live instructional banjo workshops on Zoom. The class on Monday 10 May is on 'Classic bluegrass fiddle tunes, played note-for note in clawhammer style' (note 'bluegrass', not 'old-time'), and on Mon. 24 May he will be teaching 'Triplets & grace notes in clawhammer: how to obtain them & use them in tunes'. Full details of times are given at the links for buying tickets ($25.00 per class). All the clawhammer clinics Ken has given are available as videos for $25 each. More information is on his website.

Ken also draws attention to this year's Midwest Banjo Camp online, which will be held on 4-6 June 2021. The twenty-eight distinguished instructors include several fine pickers who have played in Ireland; and while the classes are mainly in bluegrass and old-time banjo, tuition is also given in tenor banjo, guitar (flat- and finger-picked), fiddle, dobro, and mandolin.

Update: The final class in this present season has been POSTPONED from 24 May to Monday 14 June.
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