05 May 2021

For Danny Paisley fans

Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass (USA) were memorable headliners at the Omagh festival in 2008 - some fans in Ireland may inded have become hooked back in 1995 when Danny's father Bob brought the band to Athy. Fans of any vintage may be glad to know that Michael Berick contributed today an article to the Bluegrass Situation online magazine: 'Danny Paisley & Southern Grass find a family blend on "Bluegrass troubadour"'. Bluegrass troubadour, released earlier this year, is their first album on Pinecastle Records. The interview communicates a lot about Danny's music and personality. Five videos are incorporated, some of them of songs on the new album.

Update: See the BIB of 6 May for two fine photos of the band at the 2008 Omagh festival, taken by Des Butler.

© Richard Hawkins

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