01 March 2021

A banjo pretty comprehensively refurbished

On Saturday (27 Feb.) the Deering Banjo Company sent out an e-newsletter with the lead article entitled 'Watch us refurbish Hank Smith's banjo in 4 minutes!' You can read the article (by Jamie Latty) on the Deering blog and watch the video there or on YouTube - and yes, the process takes four minutes, with Hank expressing his appreciation in the remaining minute of the video.

It fits into that time thanks to time-lapse photography, of course, because the refurbishment of Hank's Maple Blossom was a transformational process. In addition to the usual dissassembly, overhaul, thorough cleaning, reassembly, new strings and setup, the banjo was given a new head and a customised wooden arm-rest; was refretted with stainless steel frets; and, most of all, had its Deering 06 tone-ring replaced with the Jens Kruger tone-ring, cast in a Swiss bell foundry. Its owner was more than satisfied.

© Richard Hawkins

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