25 June 2020

Deering Tech Live, episode #12 TONIGHT

FOLLOWING on from previous BIB posts, Deering Banjos will bring out tonight (Thurs. 25 June) a further episode of 'Deering Tech Live'. The e-mail announcing it is headed 'Banjo relatives' (title of the episode in which Jamie Deering, the company's CEO, talked about several international relatives of the banjo), but as shown on Facebook, David Vega of Deering Customer Service will be answering viewers' questions.

As usual, the episode will air at 3.00 p.m. PST (California time), which should be 11.00 p.m. BST. Viewers can tune in via Facebook or Instagram and leave questions in the form of comments on Facebook. The episode in which Sam Miller, head of repairs at Deering, talked about the 6-string banjo (banjo-guitar), and about learning the 5-string as a guitar player, can be seen here.
The Gold Tone Music Group announces major discounts on B-stock (with minor blemishes) and a draw for a PBR Paul Beard Signature Series round-neck resonator guitar. The BIB suspects, with regret, that Gold Tone's offer of free shipping on all instruments applies only to the USA. More details and links are in this e-newsletter.

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