10 June 2020

Benefits of online instrument workshops

Dutchland Dulcimers logo (see below)

The following news comes by courtesy of William Duddy, who is making the most of the ample opportunities at present for online instrument instruction:

Last weekend was the Quarantune Dulcimer Festival, a great weekend of top-flight tuition from such as Stephen Seifert, Bing Futch, Sarah Kate Morgan - the list goes on. However, the 'discovery' for me was Aubrey Atwater (she from Warren, Rhode Island). I had signed up for her 'Sea songs' workshop, and what a treat that was! She shared some fine songs for dulcimer accompaniment [e.g. here] which I will be working on. Next up will be the Online Old Time Banjo Festival, weekend after next, and then I've just signed up for the Dutchland Dulcimer Gathering (out of Pennsylvania) on 10/11 July.

Leaving aside the potential late nights due to time differences, I'm finding the workshops in these events far more productive than some I've endured at 'real' festivals in the past. No vexatious travel, the privacy of one's own screen, a clear view of the tutor, and nobody else noodling in the background (or foreground, worse still!).

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