15 January 2020

New year and new features on Oldtime Central

The editors of Oldtime Central (OTC) announce:

We're hard at work here at Oldtime Central, and wanted to share a few things that we are working on RIGHT NOW to further our mission of supporting the Oldtime Community. We are:
  • Overhauling our festival guide, which means adding an interactive map, reaching out to even more festivals, and making the search function more user-friendly
  • communicating with state folklorists to bring you more articles about the history and evolution of oldtime music
  • planning cross-country interview trips to continue painting a picture of what oldtime music is today
  • recording more lessons with more teachers to help beginners learn how to play
  • Retooling our resource pages to be more comprehensive and useful
And that's all just the first half of this year! Thanks to everyone on this newsletter for your ongoing support and faith in us. We hope to keep delivering for the oldtime community, and are sure that our site is only going to keep getting better. Stay tuned!

New items published on OTC over the holiday period are:

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