12 January 2020

JigJam: tours in Germany and the USA

Tullamore's JigJam, founders of I-Grass, are now several gigs into a tour in Germany that will last till Sunday 19 January - shortly after that, they will be touring in the USA till the middle of April. Full details of the tours are on their website, and their dates in the USA are shown on the poster image (right), designed by Eric Larson.

JigJam write: 'Germany is going to be a place that we want to tour every year. We're already planning our follow-up tour for January 2021. Any suggestions?!' On this and many other matters, the band invite input from their fans and friends. Their next trip, immediately after the tour in Germany, will be to the 32nd Folk Alliance International Conference in New Orleans (22-26 Jan. 2020).

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