23 January 2020

Grits & Gravy in Wales, 13 Feb. 2020 - album release

The FOAOTMAD news blog reports that the Grits & Gravy Stringband will be playing on St Valentine's Eve (Thursday 13 Feb. 2020) at Burnetts Hill Chapel, Marletwy, Pembroke-shire, Wales SA67 8AX. The show is scheduled to start at 7.30 p.m. Tickets (£12.00) can be booked: the 'phone numbers shown on the poster image (left) are 01646 621530 / 01646 651725.

Grits & Gravy are releasing their new album, Ain't nothing but a thing, which they began recording back in October - see their Facebook, where plenty of good music can also be heard on videos. Right after the Marletwy show, they will be playing that weekend at the 26th Gainsborough Old-Time Festival in England.

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