10 January 2020

Essential reading every Friday

The BIB editor writes:

In the spring of last year Terry Herd and John Lawless engaged a new contributor to Bluegrass Today - the great Sonny Osborne, 'one of the most talented artists and enduring personalities our music has ever produced', as they wrote when the column first appeared on 31 May 2019 under the title 'Ask Sonny anything'.

Since then Sonny has written every Friday (and often at length) his replies to all kinds of questions about his life, his career, and the people and places he has known; bluegrass music, banjos, and how both should be played - you name it. He has often remarked how much he enjoys doing this, and it shows in everything he writes.

I look forward to every Friday because of 'Ask Sonny anything', and I'm never disappointed. It's worth your while to read every instalment. You might also begin with 'Thanks, Chief: a Sonny Osborne appreciation' - tributes by his fellow banjo players, compiled by Bill Evans for Sonny when he reached 70.

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