09 December 2019

'Whiskey and wine' and 'Vampyre' on video from Wookalily

Wookalily announce that their latest album EᐯƎR⅄TᕼING IS ИOЯMAL EXCEPT THE LITTLE THINGS INSIDE MY HEAD, released two months ago (see the BIB for 26 Sept.), is being very well received by reviewers and radio presenters.

Two songs from the album, 'Whiskey and wine' (written by Lyndsay Crothers) and 'Vampyre' (written by Clair McGreevy and Stephen O'Hagan) have now been released on video. The first can be seen on the Sessions in the House Facebook and also heard on Bandcamp, while 'Vampyre' is on YouTube. Adele, Clair, Louise, Lyndsay, and Sharon add:

We hope you enjoy watching and listening, apologies if 'Whiskey and wine' worms its way into your ears forever, as long as it's not down the old gregory peck forever. lol! Be careful out there and #dontdrinkanddrive!!! We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and wish you a truly wonderful Christmas.

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