09 December 2019

The EBMA newsletter is back!

The European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA) announces its December 2019 newsletter, with this table of contents:

- Changes in EBMA memberships
- La Roche band competition 2019
- EBMA's interview with Missy Raines at La Roche
- Adiaha’s 2019 Bluegrass Camp - Pick your passion
- Bluegrass Jamboree 2019
- Sore Fingers 2020 - 25th Anniversary Week
- Bluegrass Festival Freiolsheim

- and includes a reminder that standard EBMA membership is FREE till the end of March 2020. The Freiolsheim festival report, by the way, includes an account of the headliners, the Sons of Navarone, who will be touring here in January together with performing at the 21st Shannonside Winter Music Festival.

Much more is on the newsletter. Check out the completely remodelled EBMA website as well.

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