17 December 2019

Deering Banjos news

The Deering Banjo Company announces on its blog that Jamie Deering (above, centre), daughter of the co-founders Greg and Janet Deering, has been appointed to the position of CEO of the company. Jamie is uniquely well qualified, having been involved since childhood at every level of the processes of making, developing, and promoting Deering instruments. Her father comments:

While Janet and I have accomplished a lot in 44 years, Jamie, if anything, has more horsepower and is smarter than we are. [...] Deering Banjo Company will see a wonderful and expanded banjo world with Jamie as our CEO.

Many congratulations to Jamie have been posted on the Deering blog; one of the earliest is from Pat Kelleher of Dripsey, Co. Cork. As well as contributing to the BIB a tribute to Pete Seeger on the centenary of his birth (3 May), Pat has taken part in the previous annual Banjo Events at the Eagle Music Shop in England, and will no doubt be at the 2020 Event on 7 March. The photo below shows him with a Deering John Hartford banjo and Jens Kruger.

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