17 October 2019

Your 2020 festival - in BU

The deadline (1 Nov.) for getting details of your bluegrass festival published in the January 2020 issue of Bluegrass Unlimited magazine is just two weeks away. BU asks festival organisers to submit completed entry forms as soon as possible and send them in by post (P.O. Box 771, Warrenton, VA 20188), e-mail, or fax (540-341-0011). Here's what should be entered about your event:
  • CITY of Event
  • STATE of Event
  • DATES in 2020
  • Name of Event
  • Location (name of park, brief directions)
  • ADDRESS........................
  • CITY.................STATE.................ZIP....
  • Phone (1 only)
  • E-mail (1 only)
  • Web (1 only)
These categories are devised for the USA, of course, but giving equivalent information for here shouldn't be hard. If you run more than one event, a separate entry should be made out for each of them. If you can't complete a form in the next two weeks, it's not the end of the world: a supplementary list will appear in the following BU issue.

Ireland has always ranked high in the numbers of events shown in BU's list for countries outside North America, even though not all the festivals here have been entered. Please let the BIB know your 2020 dates too!

Update 18 Oct.: Thanks to Mick Daly at Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, who had already sent the necessary info to BU and announces that the dates for next year's festival will be 27-30 Aug. 2020.

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