02 July 2019

Anon. asks for information

The BIB editor writes:

An anonymous message, just received, reads: 'Hi I live in Navan, know of any sessions or groups that meet for jams around this area?'

Not for the first time, we point out: a direct answer can't be sent to a message that comes in the form of a comment on a blog post, with no return address. Moreover, all the sessions we know about are listed on the BIB's calendar; and the list of bands on the BIB's front page shows where each is located, which might have helped Anonymous.

Here's the best we can do. Pilgrim St (also on Facebook and Twitter), an active and rising band, are based in Navan. They formed in 2014 as a result of the weekly Royal Roots sessions in Navan, but the BIB has no recent information of any sessions there. We advise Anonymous to contact Pilgrim St through their website, or Eugene Donegan, their banjo-player, by e-mail.

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