10 June 2019

The Brothers Blue (USA) in Dublin and Cork, late June 2019

Benny Haravitch (banjo), Matthew Sperber (guitar), and Charlie Coughlin (fiddle) are The Brothers Blue, an American folk trio from New York State, basing their sound in southern Appalachian old-time fiddle music, and incorporating country and bluegrass sounds as well. You can hear their music on their own YouTube channel. Towards the end of this month they'll be in Dublin and Cork in (their words) 'a half vacation/ half play-as-much-OT-music-in-Ireland-as-we-can for a week'.

The Brothers Blue (also on Facebook) will be at the venerable old-time jam in the Cobblestone on Saturday 22 June, and are playing a gig later that evening at the Patriots Inn, Kilmainham, Dublin 8. They’re in Dublin just for that weekend before proceeding to Cork, which has long been a stronghold of old-time and bluegrass music in this island. They can be contacted by e-mail.

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