28 June 2019

Sideline (USA): updates

Thanks to Dave Byrne jr of mygrassisblue.com for an update on the radio spot schedule in advance of the coming Sideline tour (9-14 July). The Radio Kerry interview will go out on air at 19:15 on 9 July, less than an hour before the band take to the stage for the first gig of the tour in Letterkenny.

Dave also sends the correct version of the tour flyer (above). The venue for the 10 July show in Sligo town was updated back in March to Andersons Live, on Kempten Promenade, and the BIB calendar was amended accordingly; but up till now (and as recently as yesterday) the flyer image used on the BIB showed the old venue originally fixed for that date. To avoid any possible confusion, the new image has now replaced the old one everywhere that it appeared on the BIB.


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