02 May 2019

News from OTC and FJ

Oldtime Central (OTC), founded and operated by Ben Smith and Richard Osban in the USA for the worldwide old-time community, has issued its May newsletter. This includes links to the latest OTC features - ten+ tips on getting better at your instrument; the fiddle tune 'Cuttin' at the Point' taught by Craig Judelman; a video interview with banjo player and teacher Hilarie Burhans; and access to the very first online, searchable, comprehensive old-time festival guide (including, of course, events in Ireland). You can support OTC by donations through Patreon.
The Fretboard Journal - the essential keepsake magazine for lovers of fretted string instruments and the people who make and play them - is now offering digital subscriptions. The editor, Jason Verlinde, points out:

It's the most affordable way to get all the meaty content found in our reader-supported magazine, no matter where you live. In each issue, you'll find over 120 pages of long-form interviews, photo essays, histories and profiles from the world of fretted instruments. And, best of all, our new digital editions are in PDF form so you can read them on any device or computer, online or off.

Annual digital subscriptions are just $29.95 for four issues. It's the cheapest way to obtain the great content of the FJ while still supporting our team of world-class writers and photographers. And it's especially great for readers who live beyond the US, where postage costs for a magazine that weighs over a pound can be steep.

You can subscribe here. All orders placed this month will also get the FJ's 2018 Electric guitar annual (now sold-out in print form) and the most recent issue, FJ #43, at no extra cost. Issue #44 is due for publication in a few weeks.

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