13 December 2018

Full twenty-year archive of Flatpicking Guitar now available

A unique opportunity for bluegrass guitar players is announced by Flatpicking Guitar Magazine:

20 Year Archives: Flatpicking Guitar Magazine was published for 20 years. All of our back issues are now available in digital PDF format on an attractive 16 GB flash drive. In addition to the magazine, we also produced a companion audio CD for 17 of our 20 years. All of the companion audio tracks are also available in the mp3 format. Below you can select to get a drive that contains only the PDF magazines, a drive that only the mp3 audio files, or a drive that contains both the PDF files and mp3 audio files. The drives that include the PDF files also include a massive 159-page clickable Master Index of every article, song, review, particular columnist's articles, and other feature articles so that you can find any piece of content that you may be looking for with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Archive updates: If you already own the 12-year or 17-year archives that we previously offered, or if you already own all or most the back issues in the digital format, and you want to complete your collection and take advantage of the 20-year clickable index, send an e-mail to dan@flatpick.com with the subject line 'FGM Archives' and let editor Dan Miller know what you currently own, and he will let you know how you can complete your collection and use the clickable Master Index without having to purchase digital back issues that you already own.

Prices and online ordering facilities are here.

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